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Sukosan - The first day and the best day I can call it as we had great time in Sukosan the place full of beautiful destination and we were so happy to see new people, tasting new food and getting along with new friends there. As we planned for visiting beach as everyone said we happened to go to beach the place where we are we struck. The beach was amazing and we haven’t seen such a beautiful beach in our life time so far. We hired a sailing boat and had a trip to the nearby Islands full of lush greeneries and it was terrific to see such destinations. It was dream come true and we have not expected this. Actually we have enjoyed more than what we have expected in the tour.
Kornati Islands - Our day 2 at Kornati Islands was really amazing as we happened to see the beautiful Islands there. The one of the Island we have visited is the shallow and oval shaped and it was fantastic time there we had with new friends. Our new friends are Croatia (Croatian) speaking and they were amicable and helped us to enjoy the tour. We went to the national park where we had a great time seeing aquarium of sea creatures and we happened to see the creatures we haven’t seen anywhere. Our tour plan to Croatia was the best decision we had taken.
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